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Epitaxial Reactor Operator

Control operation of epitaxial reactors.

What does an Epitaxial Reactor Operator do?

Controls and monitors operation of epitaxial reactor to deposit layer of semiconductor material, such as gallium arsenide or silicon, onto semiconductor wafer surface in production of electronic components, such as transistors, diodes, and integrated circuits, and tests sample processed wafers to evaluate epitaxial layer properties, such as thickness and resistivity, using testing equipment: Cleans semiconductor wafers, using cleaning equipment such as chemical baths and automatic wafer cleaners, to prepare wafers for deposit of epitaxial layer. Places wafers on wafer holder, using tweezers or vacuum wand, to load reactor. Pushes buttons, flips switches, turns dials, and observes gauges to set and adjust reactor temperature and gas pressure to specified levels and to start reactor cycle. Monitors temperature and gas gauges during processing cycle and turns dials to adjust temperature and gas levels. Tests epitaxial layer on wafers, using testing equipment, to evaluate thickness and resistivity of layer. Records production data in logbook and processing documents. Cleans and maintains equipment and work area. May compute production statistics, using calculator.