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Environmental Technology Professor

Teach university students about environmental technology.

What does an Environmental Technology Professor do?

Environmental technology is a field of study found at universities and colleges. This major combines science with managerial and political skills. It teaches students how technology and proper control can improve the way people interact with the natural world.

This is the major students choose when they want to manage a hazardous waste plant, or perform research to back up the laws protecting endangered land. An Environmental Technology Professor prepares students to go out into the world and set up water treatment plants in developing countries. In addition, Environmental Technology Professors educate Lawmakers on upcoming environmental problems.

As an Environmental Technology Professor, you teach classes that combine sciences, like ecology, with courses in policy, management, and law. You educate your students on things like how to research and measure air pollution, and what environmental regulations are and what they protect. This field is neat because it mixes science skills, like being able to work in a lab, with right-brain skills, like being able to write a good paper. As a Professor, you work to teach your students how to become well rounded, and excel at both types of responsibilities.

Your ultimate goal is to ensure that your students graduate with a solid base of knowledge in the field. To do this, you give papers, tests, and class assignments, as well as provide lectures and tutoring sessions. You help both undergraduate and graduate students as they work their way towards their degrees, from Bachelor’s all the way to PhD.