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Environmental Studies Professor



Teach university students about environmental studies.

What does an Environmental Studies Professor do?

Just like any Professor, Environmental Studies Professors teach people. In this position, you work with students at the college or university level. You can get a job as an Environmental Studies Professor in schools anywhere in the country, from large community colleges to small private universities.

Your daily duties as an Environmental Studies Professor include giving lectures, assigning homework, grading tests, and offering tutoring help for those who are falling behind. Since you’re a Professor, you’re also required to conduct research in the field. So when you’re not teaching, you publish articles in professional journals or books, and present papers at environmental studies conferences.

Environmental studies is a major that combines a lot of different fields. Students take classes in law, policy, economics, sociology, and of course, sciences. As long as you handle your subject as it relates to environmental science, you can either choose to teach just one of these subjects, or offer a mix of two of these fields.

The purpose for all these classes is to study the way humans interact with their natural world. This means your students tackle issues like the importance of human development versus preserving the rainforest, or decreasing our reliance on oil without losing jobs.

You encourage your students to look at issues from multiple angles. To do this, you might bring in experts with differing viewpoints, or require your students to argue a point from a side they don’t personally agree with. Students with environmental studies majors can find work as Policy Analysts or Lobbyists with nonprofits or big corporations.

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