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Environmental Restoration Technician

Do the legwork of fixing the damage done to nature.

What does an Environmental Restoration Technician do?

Tree-huggers with a knack for numbers and details are ideal for Environmental Restoration Technician positions. In this job, you’re the all-around assistant to Project Managers and Scientists in the collection of project data. Working to repair ecological damage-either naturally occurring or resulting from human interference-you may mow a fence line one day and plant a tree the next.

As an Environmental Restoration Technician, you trek through wetlands and forests looking for specific endangered plants and other natural resources. Counting the number of rare species in a particular area, searching for animal communities, and discovering soil types are all in a day’s work. Getting dirty is not an option, it’s a requirement.

Research and writing skills are important as you compile data necessary for permit applications and federal environmental reports. As an Environmental Restoration Technician, you must prepare part (or all) of reports, tables, databases, and maps, analyzing the information gathered in the field.

Pack your bags because you travel up to two-thirds of each month to remote jobsites, and may stay for extended periods. Physical endurance is vital, as you walk up to four miles per day through tough terrain, and lift up to 50 pounds regularly. On your walks through the forest, you spread herbicides, plant new vegetation, and remove trees and brush. If your bosses feel generous, they may provide a tractor, chainsaw, or ATV to make your day a little easier.