Environmental Paralegal

Provide background research and clerical support on environmental cases.

What does an Environmental Paralegal do?

These days, everything is “green.” Hotels are green. Homes are green. Cars are green. Cleaning products are green. And yes, even Lawyers are green. In fact, environmental law is a growing field, thanks to the continued popularity of all things “sustainable.” As a result, individuals and companies need more Environmental Attorneys — who, in turn, need more Environmental Paralegals.

If you’re among those in-demand Environmental Paralegals, it’s your job to assist either a single Environmental Lawyer or a group of them, helping them research and manage cases that involve environmental clients and concerns, including those related to pollution control and remediation, endangered species, and natural resource conservation.

In the big picture, therefore, your job — quite literally — is saving the world. To do so, however, doesn’t require superpowers or super-sized bulldozers. Instead, it requires a to-do list filled with administrative and support tasks, including researching laws, cases and court decisions; preparing, filing and managing legal documents; maintaining Attorneys’ schedules, budgets and correspondence; studying the environmental impacts of proposed projects, laws and regulations; and advising Environmental Lawyers on legal strategies, precedents and techniques.

Like all Paralegals, the law forbids you from setting legal fees, giving legal advice or representing clients in court. It does not, however, forbid you from being an environmental crusader. And when you’re an Environmental Paralegal, that’s exactly what you are. You may not spend your days chained to trees, but you’re nonetheless doing good by helping the planet (and helping Lawyers while you do it!).