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Environmental Engineer Career Information

What skills do you need to become an environmental engineer?

Environmental engineers are important to the success of companies in all types of industries. In order to be a successful environmental engineer, candidates should have skills in environmental awareness, environmental compliance, and also have an understanding of water quality and wastewater treatment.

Environmental engineer education & background

A bachelor’s degree is usually required for environmental engineer jobs. Additionally, environmental engineering is the preferred degree in this field compared to other majors such as chemical engineering and civil engineering.

Popular companies & industries for environmental engineers

Environmental engineers are employed across many different corporations and in many SMBs. They are more likely to be employed in civil engineering and environmental services industries than in oil & energy. Other industries that employ environmental engineers are government administration and defense & space.

Common regions for environmental engineer jobs

Office location and the cost of living may also be a significant factor when deciding on a career path because some industries may be region specific. Houston and Denver are cities that are slightly more favorable for environmental engineers than New York, New York and Chicago, Illinois.


Develop engineering solutions to ecological problems.

Industry: Civil Engineering
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