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Environmental Education Specialist

Teach people how to protect and preserve the environment.

What does an Environmental Education Specialist do?

An Environmental Education Specialist teaches people how to respect and care for Mother Nature. Because she nurtures life with food, shelter, and water—just like a mother does her child—Mother Nature deserves some TLC, especially now that she’s over four billion years old. She’s in need of some serious love, and an Environmental Education Specialist makes sure she gets it!

As an Environmental Education Specialist, you’re part Environmentalist, part Teacher, and you accomplish your goal by designing and executing educational programs that promote environmental responsibility and stewardship. Employed by school boards, museums, conservation societies, nature clubs, outdoor education centers, and government agencies, among others, you encourage consumers, governments, and corporations to be good environmental citizens by making sustainable decisions in the areas of recycling and waste, energy efficiency, resource conservation, and wildlife preservation.

To do that, you research environmental issues, write environmental articles, and teach environmental workshops. You also produce educational materials that promote environmental stewardship to schools, companies, youth groups, families, communities, and members of the general public.

Because the world is transitioning to a “green” economy—where sustainability is just as important as profitability—you’re in a key position to make a difference for the planet and all the future generations by teaching people the dos and don’ts of living on earth.