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Environmental Coordinator



Organize programs aimed at protecting the environment.

What does an Environmental Coordinator do?

Environmental Coordinators implement far-reaching environmental goals in government facilities and public organizations. Of all environmental professionals, Environmental Coordinators work the most interdepartmentally. In other words, you’re a social butterfly who sees the big picture and communicates that picture to others. Think of yourself as the Earth’s hype person.

If you’re an Environmental Coordinator working in a government position, for example, one of your goals may be to improve the environment through public accountability. So you devise a program to show the public how a healthy environment leads to a healthy body.

To get the ball rolling, you need to present your idea to the person who coordinates public health initiatives, and get it all approved by both your Manager and theirs. Your collaborative effort will result in programs that teach people about the negative effects of drinking dirty water, and how they can avoid water pollution to cut down those risks. In the end, people contaminate the environment less, and your neighborhood stays a healthy place to live and work for years to come. It’s a win-win.

There are plenty of opportunities for Environmental Coordinators outside of the government, too. The only difference is the scope of your work. If you choose to work for a private company, your concern is its long-term carbon footprint. Companies will hire you to monitor their use of resources, and devise company-wide ways that they can produce less waste.

As more and more organizations strive to go green, your skills will be used to execute long-term recycling programs, renewable energy protocols, and employee waste education programs.

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