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Envelope Folding Machine Operator

Tend machines that form plain and window envelopes.

What does an Envelope Folding Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that forms plain and window envelopes from paper rolls or precut blanks: Loads stack of blanks into rack of feed mechanism or positions roll of paper on machine rack, using hoist, and threads paper through machine. Starts machine and observes progress of blanks and web through cutting, gluing, folding, and drying units. Pushes button to stop machine in case of malfunction. Fans handful of envelopes to inspect them for quality of folding, sealing, and glue application, and packs them in boxes. Counts pack of envelopes periodically to verify accuracy of mechanical counter. Pours glue into machine container to replenish supply. Wipes or washes glue from machine at end of shift. May adjust glue applicator and drying and pressing rolls. May be designated according to type of machine tended as Plunger-Machine Operator; Rotary-Envelope-Machine Operator; Side-Seam-Envelope-Machine Operator. May tend machine that forms envelopes used in cover of books and be designated Book-Pocket-Machine Operator.