Enterostomal Therapist

Help patients adjust to lifestyle-changing bowel or bladder surgery.

What does an Enterostomal Therapist do?

Surgeries happen every day, and many people need specialized care following their brush with the scalpel. Doctors and Nurses watch vital signs, monitor wounds, and ensure that the patient is on the road to recovery before sending them on their way. Enterostomal Therapists are Nurses who specialize in treating patients undergoing surgeries of the bowel and bladder.

As an Enterostomal Therapist, you work with patients who have problems with incontinence, ulcers, skin conditions, and other ailments. They undergo a variety of procedures, and no two patients respond in the same way, which keeps you on your toes always. While one patient needs wound care, another just needs some basic care information. So, it’s your job as an Enterostomal Therapist to evaluate his condition and keep the medical record up to date.

Your patients commonly have feeding or drainage tubes due to disease, illness, or emergency procedures. When parents, family, or friends are ready to take a patient home, you relay care information. You educate them about what’s going on with the patient and tell them how to respond to a variety of situations.

As with all Nurses, your job is a combination of nurturing, educating, and hands-on care. So whether the patient suffers from an abscessed wound or needs help making the transition from hospital care to home care, you’re there with your medical knowledge, empathy, and answers.