Enrobing Machine Operator

Control machines to enrobe confectioneries with melted chocolates.

What does an Enrobing Machine Operator do?

Controls machines and equipment to enrobe confectionery or bakery products with melted chocolate or other coating and to cool enrobed products preparatory to packing: Turns switches and valves on central control panel and pushes levers to start machine and conveyor that transfer candy or other products over prebottoming device to coat bases, under flow pan to receive coating, past air nozzle to blow off surplus coating, over trimming device to wipe drippings from enrobed pieces, and through cooling tunnel to packing area. Weighs coated products at random to ensure specified thickness of coating and examines products for conformity to solidification, gloss, and uniformity of coating. Adjusts air blower, trimming rod, and flow of coating to correct product deviations. Turns switches and valves to adjust steam and water flow in jacketed supply tank, belt speed, and temperature of cooling tunnel in accordance with findings. May adjust automatic decorating device on machines so equipped to produce hand-dipped effect on coated product. May be designated according to coating material as Chocolate-Machine Operator.