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Engrave words or designs on various kinds of materials.

What does an Engraver do?

Engravers are responsible for engraving words, designs, patterns, or other types of art on various kinds of materials such as wood, metal, glass, and resins. These professionals work in various industries such as jewelry stores, glassware makers, and photography centers, but typically specialize in one medium such as metal or wood. You might engrave a name on a trophy or an intricate design on a wedding ring.

Some engravers hand-etch their designs, while others use a computer-directed laser. After the image is etched or engraved, you check that the final image is clear and free of any irregularities. Other responsibilities may include analyzing design blueprints or patterns; making sure you have an accurate cutting and finishing; and handling chemicals, wax, or enamels. Other than an engraving machine, you may also use various other tools such as wrenches, brushes, grinders, and knives.

Skills required to be an engraver are effective communication, both written and verbal, dexterity, creativity, technical skills, time management skills, and customer service. Physical strength to control machines and a steady hand to create sensitive images are also necessary. There are no specific educational requirements for this position.