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Engraver I

Engrave letterings or designs in copper or steel printing plates.

What does an Engraver I do?

Engraves lettering or designs in copper or steel printing plates, using pantograph engraving machine: Rubs blank plate with emery or charcoal and oil to polish surface. Clamps blank plate in position under diamond cutting point and master plate under tracing point of pantograph. Starts electric motor that revolves cutting point and lowers engraving control bar, simultaneously moving bar sideways until tracing point enters desired figure on master plate. Moves bar so that tracing point follows figure on master plate, reproducing figure on blank plate. Loosens thumbscrews and changes position of pantograph bar to reproduce figures larger or smaller than those on master plate. May be designated according to type of plate used as Engraver, Copperplate; Engraver, Steel Plate.