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English Horn Player

Play the English horn in a professional orchestra or group.

What does an English Horn Player do?

Music surrounds us, draws out our emotions, and opens up the world to our senses. Whether through attending the symphony, playing with a school band, listening to the radio, or hiking amongst the tweets and chirps of birds, music expands our knowledge of the world. English Horn Players understand this, and use their passion and skill to share the musical experience with others.

If you already play the English horn, then you’re aware of its unique sound. The English horn is less common than some instruments, which makes it a challenging and rewarding instrument to master.

Many English Horn Players play another instrument as well. You might have an interest in a completely different instrument, such as a piano. Or, you might also be an Oboe Player, because it’s closely related to the English horn.

There are many opportunities for paid work as an English Horn Player. You can play with local or national orchestras, displaying your talents at musical concerts or theatrical productions. You can also use your experience to spend your spare time as an English Horn Teacher, or work into a Conductor position.

While playing is the job, passion and knowledge make you great. You understand how different reeds produce different sounds, and you know how to make them yourself so you always have plenty on hand. But, your real talent is watching the music, knowing when to enter the movement, and presenting standout solos!