Engineering Technologist

Build or manufacture prototypes based on Engineers' designs.

What does an Engineering Technologist do?

It’s been said a thousand times before: If you build it, they will come. In the field of engineering, “it” could be a million different things—an airplane, for instance, a skyscraper, a highway, a computer, or a nuclear missile. The “you,” however, is always the same: an Engineering Technologist. That is, what Engineers design, Engineering Technologists are paid to create.

As an Engineering Technologist, you can be employed across the engineering spectrum—in architectural engineering, for instance, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, just to name a few. In all these fields, you’re the person who’s responsible for turning plans into results.

To do that, you complete a host of practical, hands-on tasks. Once an Engineer completes a design, for instance, you use math, science, and technology to build and manufacture prototypes. You also install and operate technical systems. In addition, you develop and produce products, and service machines and systems.

You might be tasked with managing construction and production processes as well. Additionally, you design and conduct experiments, then collect and process data. Essentially, you solve engineering-related problems in the areas of design, manufacturing, construction, implementation, and application.

If engineering is the theory, then engineering technology is the practice—and you’re in charge of it, often as the head of a team consisting of Engineering Technicians, working below a supervising Engineer in order to address issues of design, production, and utility. Together, you implement engineering designs so that they’re as functional, durable, cost-effective, safe, and productive as possible. Simply put, you build it so they’ll come!