Engineering Manager

Supervise engineers as they devise and develop technical products.

What does an Engineering Manager do?

As you gain experience as a professional engineer and demonstrate technical expertise, you may be assigned complex projects as you get promoted to engineering manager.

As an engineering manager, you supervise teams of engineers while they design and develop products, such as electrical devices, computer hardware, and medical equipment. You ensure the team meets production and design deadlines, which can be quite a stressful job. Scheduling and budgeting may be part of your tasks too.

You may hire and mentor supporting engineering staff; assess and create performance reviews and solve internal issues; discuss and create project specifications; see goals to completion; modify product designs; prepare budgets and contracts, and negotiate and approve expenditures.

Engineering managers need a degree in engineering that includes practical engineering applications that are usable in multiple engineering disciplines and a professional engineer’s license. You should have more than five years of experience supervising a team of engineering professionals, have strong math, communication and organizational skills, and be adept at computer programming and applications.