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Energy Broker



Advise businesses on how to get the best long-term rates on electricity.

What does an Energy Broker do?

One hundred years ago, electricity was not yet common-though available-in homes and businesses. Now, we’d be hard-pressed to find a business without it. And while before, the options were limited to coal or wood, now there are so many choices that it’s hard to keep up. Wind, solar, and nuclear power are just a few. Commonly, these options are bundled with more traditional ones, making the entire industry confusing.

So, how does a business evaluate its needs and find the best combination of price and availability? They hire you, the Energy Broker.

As an Energy Broker, you understand the terminology, which is a huge advantage for your customer. That’s because the rates that energy companies offer are not uniform. One will offer a three-year term, while another is month-by-month. One quotes a different consumption amount from another. The entire industry presents rate information in fruit basket form, so you translate all of that in such a way that the customer knows an apple is an apple. Energy Brokers also advise them about contract terms based on their knowledge of the market.

Although the Business Owner could do the legwork himself, you offer a service that is hard to pass up. It’s like going to a Mortgage Broker, who can immediately list the rates and fees of hundreds of lenders, in contrast to your painstaking site-by-site internet search for the same information. As an Energy Broker, you have connections in the business. You know who the providers are, what services they offer, and which one has the best rates.

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