Endoscopic Technician

Use a scope to look inside the human body.

What does an Endoscopic Technician do?

When a Doctor needs to examine or get to the insides of a patient, and an x-ray or MRI isn’t enough, an Endoscopic Technician is the one they call to get things started. Endoscopy is the process of inserting a scope into the body to give a Doctor a better look. Scopes can vary in length, size, and stiffness. Some have cameras attached to the end, while others show contrasting levels of light, and still others have instruments attached to cut or remove growths.

Since they show texture and color, endoscopies are used when a more detailed picture is needed, or, especially in the case of cancerous cells, when a sample needs to be gathered or removed.

Scopes are inserted into a patient’s stomach, rectum, mouth, urethra, or a cut made on the skin. The area the Doctor needs to examine will determine where and how the scope is inserted. As an Endoscopic Technician, your job is to prepare the room and patient, sterilize the scope, assist during the procedure, maintain the equipment, and collect any samples as needed.

This job is a support position for an endoscopy team. As an Endoscopic Technician, you hand tools and instruments to Nurses or Doctors, help position patients, clean up after, and, in general, do any grunt work that needs to be done during a procedure. You can work in a number of different medical centers-anywhere endoscopy is done. Hospitals, outpatient clinics, Doctor’s offices, and health centers at elder homes all have a need for Endoscopic Technicians.