Perform the tasks to encapsulate electrical and electronic parts.

What does an Encapsulator do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to encapsulate electrical and electronic parts, components, and assemblies with epoxy, plastic, and other protective coating material: Weighs and mixes encapsulating material, following prescribed formula. Positions module or transformer case under outlet of encapsulating fluid tank and moves controls to force preset amount of fluid from tank into module or transformer case. Places components on racks or hooks, dips racks or hooks containing components into encapsulating fluid, and places dipped components on drying frame or into oven to harden coating. Fills capacitor shells or semiconductor caps with encapsulating fluid or applies encapsulating fluid to specified surfaces on component, using manually- or electrically-powered syringe or other applicator. Molds protective casing around component, using compression molding machine. Places component into mold and pours encapsulating fluid into mold to surround component. Heats component in oven or curing device prior to or after encapsulating to remove moisture or cure encapsulating material. Inspects encapsulation for defects, such as chips and pinholes. Stamps color code or trademark on encapsulated components. Bonds flexible printed circuit boards to rigid boards, using bonding solution and potting equipment. May weigh and mix materials, following formula, and be designated Compound Mixer. May be designated Bonder; Dipper; Filler; Potter.