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Employment Lawyer



Settle work-related disputes.

What does an Employment Lawyer do?

An Employment Lawyer works for individuals or corporations to solve labor disputes. You interview your client, complete necessary paperwork, and appear in court as needed.

As with many Lawyer positions, an Employment Lawyer chooses which side of the argument to represent. When you represent the employee, you process claims pertaining to wages, hours, or benefits. A typical complaint might be discrimination, issues over a contract, or dispute over pay. In any of these cases, your first job as an Employment Lawyer is to ask a lot of questions. Not just of the employee, but also the Business Owner and any employees with information.

With this information, you review the laws and decide whether your client has a case. If the answer is yes, you prepare the forms, send them to the employer, and receive the response. If necessary, you file paperwork and represent your client in hearings or open court.

On the other side of the legal coin is the business. If you represent the business in such a dispute, the process is much the same, only now your client is the company and not the employee. Once a claim is made, you interview the parties involved, inform and guide your client, and fight for them in court as needed. In addition to employee disputes, you supervise the legal aspects of written documents such as employment contracts, handbooks, and safety manuals.

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