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Employee Relations Manager



Establish good relationships between employers and employees.

What does an Employee Relations Manager do?

As an Employee Relations Manager, you’re a member of a company’s human resources department. Your job responsibilities as an Employee Relations Manager are exactly what your title says-you manage and improve the relationship the company has with its employees.

To keep employees happy, you do more than just throw parties and create company softball teams (though you might be in charge of those duties too). As an Employee Relations Manager, you might mediate between a Manager and employees to solve a problem, look at exit interview information to see which parts of the company need improvement, or work with upper-level management to create policies that improve the morale of employees. You might also sit in team meetings between Managers and their staff to find new ways to improve group dynamics and teamwork, or consult with Managers on how they can better work with their people.

Another big responsibility of this job is to serve as a liaison between the company and its employees. One day might have you giving presentations explaining the company’s health care benefits, while another might find you working one-on-one with an employee to have them sign up for the retirement account that best fits their needs. You give presentations to explain policy changes or companywide expectations on things like the dress code, and hold trainings (like those on sexual harassment) to prevent future problems. When big issues arise, you’re the one who works with legal professionals to solve the problems, lets employees know of their rights, and keeps detailed reports of the incident.

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