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Emergency Service Restorer

Restore street railway services after power failures.

What does an Emergency Service Restorer do?

Restores street railway service after power failures, accidents, and equipment breakdowns, working as member of crew: Drives truck equipped with tools and materials to job site. Diagnoses cause of difficulty to facilitate restoration of service. Repairs or replaces parts or materials, such as trolley wire, insulators, conductor-bar assemblies, and lighting fixtures [LINE INSTALLER, STREET RAILWAY]. Repositions derailed cars on tracks with aid of other workers and mechanical hoisting equipment. Erects portable structures at scene of fire to facilitate laying fire hose across street, and to permit streetcars and buses to pass underneath. Raises or disconnects trolley wires to facilitate house-moving operations. May repair malfunctioning streetcar units at scene when towing to repair barn is not feasible. May repair or replace track, switches, and accessories to facilitate temporary service.