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Emergency Room Physician



Help trauma patients in the fast-paced world of the ER.

What does an Emergency Room Physician do?

The emergency room of any hospital is a fast-paced blur of activity. Patients come and go, are carted in from the ambulance, are wheeled out by family members, or are whisked away for further tests. In this environment, Emergency Room Physicians are the professionals who make the decisions about patient care.

As an Emergency Room Physician, you’re the Doctor in charge. But, you’re just one player in a team of medical professionals. From the Emergency Room Receptionist to the Surgeon, you communicate with everyone, so don your listening hat and prepare for the roller coaster of the emergency room.

Emergency Room Physicians are ready for any challenge because every patient is different. The first order of business with each case is to evaluate how serious the problem is. If a patient is losing a lot of blood or suffering a heart attack, you act quickly to treat the wounds or stall the heart problem, while considering other courses of action.

Next to your medical prowess, your decision-making ability is extremely important. That’s because the main responsibility of your job is to make quick and accurate decisions that could save lives. That means deciding if a baby will be born in the emergency room or if the mom should be brought to the labor and delivery unit. It also means not hesitating when you need a Surgeon to perform an appendectomy, and it means relying on an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor when you feel that they’re needed.

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