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Emergency Nurse Practitioner



Diagnose and treat emergency patients as a highly trained Nurse.

What does an Emergency Nurse Practitioner do?

Nurse Practitioners work in the medical field in nearly the same capacity as Physicians. There are some limitations, depending on the country of employment, but they all treat patients. Just like Doctors, Nurse Practitioners tend to specialize in one area of medicine. Emergency Nurse Practitioners are highly trained Nurses who choose to work in an emergency room setting.

As an Emergency Nurse Practitioner, you face a variety of cases. Some patients see you because they can’t access their Primary Care Provider. In such cases, you may have relatively minor symptoms to evaluate, including stomach pain, headache, or cold symptoms. Other patients, however, arrive via ambulance with acute injuries or illness.

The emergency room puts your Emergency Nurse Practitioner skills to good use while you evaluate each case. You use your empathy and listening skills to evaluate the patient’s symptoms. Then you tap into your medical knowledge to decide on a treatment plan. If the patient requires surgery or another level of care, you coordinate with Surgeons, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, Ob-Gyns, Gastroenterologists, and others.

Communication is a pivotal part of the job. After all, the joy you get from your work partly comes from helping people better understand their ailment. So, in addition to keeping the patient chart up to date and conversing with other medical personnel and family members, you educate your patients, answer questions, and provide reassurance.

If you like multitasking, helping people, and never knowing what’s coming through the door next, then this is the job for you!

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