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Emergency Medical Technician Instructor

Train future EMTs how to deal with emergency medical situations.

What does an Emergency Medical Technician Instructor do?

In an emergency, quick thinking could mean the difference between life and death. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) have no time to consult cheat sheets or look up treatments on the Internet. Instead, they must know exactly what to do, and when to do it, in order to keep the patient alive.

Emergency Medical Technician Instructors provide this training. The work an Emergency Medical Technician Instructor does helps an EMT develop the skills required in this demanding and fast-paced career.

As an Emergency Medical Technician Instructor, you hold training classes for EMTs several times per year. Often, these courses take several weeks to complete, and you get to know your students quite intimately.

During your training sessions, you teach your students how to take a patient’s pulse, blood pressure, and temperature. These lessons may seem basic, but when patients arrive in the hospital, Nurses and Doctors will demand this information and it simply must be accurate.

Once your students have mastered these lessons, you move on to complicated concepts. You teach your students how to apply splints, use a defibrillator, provide CPR, give an injection, and apply a tourniquet. Students also learn how to deliver a baby, deal with the mentally ill, and soothe the frightened.

When your lessons are complete, you ask your students to complete written exams and physical demonstrations. While you want all of them to pass, some may not have the right stuff. If these students truly want to become EMTs, you encourage them to take the course again, and you give feedback that can help them pass the next time around.