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Emergency Medical Dispatcher



Keep a cool head and route Police and ambulances to emergency situations.

What does an Emergency Medical Dispatcher do?

Mere seconds could mean the difference between a happy ending and a tragedy in an emergency. As an Emergency Medical Dispatcher, you make those seconds count.

During your shifts as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher, you use computer programs to keep track of emergency personnel. These include Policemen, Firemen, and Ambulance Drivers. When a call comes in, the Emergency Medical Dispatcher answers it and finds out what the emergency is, where the person is located, and how far away the closest emergency respondents are. These three pieces of info are crucial to a fast response time.

After finding out the situation, you assess what kind of medical attention it needs. While talking to the caller to keep them calm, you radio the nearest ambulance and Policemen. They answer the call and speed off toward the site of the emergency. Meanwhile, you instruct the caller on what to do while waiting for help to arrive, whether this means applying pressure to the wound or helping the victim to lie still.

In only takes five minutes for the ambulance to make it. Once you’re sure they’ve found the person, you end the phone call, while the emergency Paramedics rush the injured to the hospital for life-saving treatment.

To wrap up the call, you record information about the caller and how you handled the situation. The phone call is often recorded automatically. With the paperwork tied up, you check again to see where emergency personnel are located, then wait for the next call. Like a team of superheroes, you work with Officers on duty to ensure every person in an emergency receives the assistance they need.

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