Embossing-Machine Operator I

Operate machines to emboss names and addresses on plates.

What does an Embossing-Machine Operator I do?

Operates machine to emboss names and addresses on metallic and nonmetallic plates for use in duplicating or addressing machines or for use as nameplates and tags: Adjusts plate carriage for each size plate, and clamps blank plates in holder. Reads copy to be embossed and turns handwheel to set character or letter die in embossing position. Pulls lever to lower die and emboss character on plate. Trips levers or presets automatic controls to space letters, words, and lines. May insert plates in envelopes. May insert plates in frames and file alphabetically. May operate pantograph type engraving machine to engrave plates [ENGRAVER PANTOGRAPH I]. Important variations may be indicated by trade name of machine operated.