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Email Administrator

Set up and oversee a company's email network.

What does an Email Administrator do?

An Email Administrator manages the infrastructure that email requires, including hardware, software, and scores of security protocols. Although it’s paperless, email nonetheless needs its fair share of infrastructure, just as snail mail needs a vast network of hardworking people — including thousands of Postal Clerks, Postal Inspectors, and Postal Carriers — to deliver it.

As an Email Administrator, you’re the Postmaster General of your employer’s or client’s email system. Whether that employer or client is a large corporation, a small business, a university, a government office, or a nonprofit organization, it’s your job as the Email Administrator to set up, manage, and perfect its email network so its employees can send and receive electronic mail quickly, efficiently, and securely.

To that end, your daily duties encompass user support, account maintenance, software upgrades and patches, performance tuning, and troubleshooting. If a new employee needs a company email account, for instance, you set it up. If the email server is acting up, you re-boot it.

If your company gets inundated with spam, you install a spam blocker. If hackers try to break into the company’s email, you put in place the firewall that blocks them. And if the CEO wants to be able to check email from his new Blackberry, you configure his device.

Because “email” is synonymous with “efficiency,” you’re more than a high-tech Mail Clerk. You’re a mission-critical worker who protects data and activates workforce productivity.