Eligibility and Occupancy Interviewer

Determine eligibility of prospective tenants for public low-rent housing.

What does an Eligibility and Occupancy Interviewer do?

Interviews and investigates prospective tenants to determine eligibility for public low-rent housing: Receives and processes initial or reactivated applications for public housing. Interviews applicant to obtain additional information such as family composition, health and social problems, veteran status, rent paying ability, net assets, and need for housing assistance. Advises applicant on eligibility requirements, methods of selecting tenants, and housing opportunities. Contacts employers, and public and private health and welfare agencies to verify applicant information. Provides information to tenant or applicant on availability of community resources for financial or social welfare assistance. Determines applicant eligibility according to agency rules and policies. Selects and refers eligible applicant to MANAGER, HOUSING PROJECT. Notifies eligible applicant of vacancy and assignment procedures. Computes rent in proportion to applicant’s income. Receives and records security deposit and advance rent from selected applicant. Conducts annual, interim, and special housing reviews with tenants. May assist in resolving tenant complaints on maintenance problems. May visit home to determine housekeeping habits, verify housing condition, and establish housing need.