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Elevators and Escalators Sales Representative

Sell elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters to building owners.

What does an Elevators and Escalators Sales Representative do?

Sells passenger and freight elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters to building owners and contractors: Contacts property owners and agents of prospective customers to obtain blueprints of proposed new construction and submits to engineering department for bid. Confers with owners of existing structures to determine type of installation required. Inspects premises to verify feasibility of request and recommends changes for more efficient operation. Submits specifications, such as number, size, type, load capacity, and speed of elevator to engineering department. Presents bid to customer, explains cost factors, emphasizing characteristics, such as construction, performance, durability, and appearance of equipment. Follows up order to ensure lists of materials ordered are correct and work will be completed by project deadline. Contacts owner periodically to advise of progress of work, and attends sales and trade meetings and reads journals to keep informed of market conditions, business trends, and new developments in industry. Performs other duties as described under SALES REPRESENTATIVE Master Title. If worker sells service and modernization contracts see SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE, ELEVATORS, ESCALATORS, AND DUMBWAITERS.