Elevator Operator

Assist passengers entering and exiting your lift with a smile.

What does an Elevator Operator do?

As an Elevator Operator, you take hospitality to the next level by providing first-class elevator service. Like a Limousine Driver (only for elevator cars), you help passengers get on and off the elevator, press buttons or switches to move between floors, and provide assistance to those searching for a particular office at a corporation or a certain section of a department store.

Ritzier establishments such as upscale hotels, apartment buildings, and office buildings employ Elevator Operators to provide the ultimate experience of comfort to the company’s guests or tenants. After a hard day’s work, seeing the smiling Elevator Operator ready to assist each person back to their apartment is a commodity for which many people are willing to pay extra.

During regular hours of service, you stay with your elevator car, and usher passengers on and off. You know all the safety regulations, prevent overcrowding, and stop unauthorized persons from entering the elevator. Once a car’s loaded, it’s up, up, and away to deliver each person to their destination.

Between peak hours, you may take advantage of the lull in the hustle and bustle to clean out the elevator, deliver mail and packages to tenants or workers, and perform front desk service if you work at a small establishment that pays you for multiple roles.

In the world of elevator operations, you are a first-class Sergeant who ensures that everything runs efficiently and keeps the elevator cars stepping in time to your commands.