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Elevator Examiner and Adjuster

Inspect and adjust installed freight, elevators, and escalators.

What does an Elevator Examiner and Adjuster do?

Inspects and adjusts installed freight and passenger elevators and escalators to meet factory specifications and safety codes, using handtools and measuring instruments: Inspects door installations for plumbness, lap, and working action. Adjusts mechanism of doors, using handtools. Inspects car hoistway and mechanical installations for alignment and clearance. Tests power consumption and line voltage changes of motors and motor-generator sets under no-load and full-load conditions to detect overload factors, using tachometer, voltmeter, and ammeter. Adjusts counterweights and regulates controls to compensate for power overload. Inspects wiring connections and control panel hookups, and adjusts switches to meet specifications for gap and timing. Tests and adjusts safety controls, such as brakes and governors. Turns valve or pushes switches to adjust pump pressures, fluid levels, and power supply on hydraulic units of elevators. Operates elevator to determine power demands at various car speeds. May compile service reports to verify conformance of each unit to prescribed standards.