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Elevator Constructor



Assemble and install freight and passenger elevators.

What does an Elevator Constructor do?

Assembles and installs electric and hydraulic freight and passenger elevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters, determining layout and electrical connections from blueprints: Studies blueprints and lays out location of framework, counterbalance rails, motor pump, cylinder, and plunger foundations. Drills holes in concrete or structural steel members with portable electric drill. Secures anchor bolts or welds brackets to support rails and framework, and verifies alignment with plumb bob and level. Cuts prefabricated sections of framework, rails, and other elevator components to specified dimensions, using acetylene torch, power saw, and disk grinder. Installs cables, counterweights, pumps, motor foundations, escalator drives, guide rails, elevator cars, and control panels, using handtools. Connects electrical wiring to control panels and electric motors. Installs safety and control devices. Positions electric motor and equipment on top of elevator shaft, using hoists and cable slings. May be designated according to type of equipment installed as Elevator Constructor, Electric; Elevator Constructor, Hydraulic; Escalator Constructor.

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