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Elementary Special Education Teacher



Instruct kids with special needs, from kindergartners to fifth graders.

What does an Elementary Special Education Teacher do?

Elementary school is often a child’s first exposure to school. Lunch breaks, recess, and formal reading lessons fill days previously spent playing with dolls, ramming Hot Wheels together, and kicking a soccer ball around the yard.

Elementary school is often also where parents, Teachers, and students realize that a child might be suffering from emotional, mental, or physical disabilities that are keeping him from learning at the same rate as his classmates. Elementary Special Education Teachers help these students find new ways to learn lessons and boost skills.

As an Elementary Special Education Teacher, you work with children from kindergarten through fifth grade. These children may come to you following a referral from a Speech Therapist, Family Physician, or Teacher.

The first order of business on your Elementary Special Education Teacher docket is to provide an evaluation of the child.

Does he have difficulty remembering what he’s read? Does he struggle to hold a pencil? Is his language unintelligible? Perhaps he has trouble focusing, can’t put his thoughts on paper, or is completely anxiety-stricken by the thought of taking a test.

The children in your room may have moderate to severe physical and mental learning disabilities. The majority, though, simply need a game plan for learning math in a new way, or extra practice in reading. Whatever the task, it’s your job to evaluate the severity of the condition, offer a variety of solutions, and be a Cheerleader for the student while he masters new skills.

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