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Elementary School Teacher



Educate elementary-age students.

What does an Elementary School Teacher do?

Because they’re pliable and persuadable, young children are often compared to chunks of modeling clay. Malleable enough to be turned into almost any creation, they’re soft, impressionable, and extremely absorbent. That makes the Elementary School Teacher an Artist, responsible for helping parents “mold” their children.

Of course, education is a big part of the molding process. As an Elementary School Teacher, you’re employed by elementary schools, and you teach kids ages five to 11 who are in kindergarten through sixth grade.

As the CEO — Chief Education Officer — in charge of a class of 15 to 30 students, you, therefore spend most of your days helping children learn the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math, including basic skills like spelling, arithmetic, and penmanship. This requires designing lesson plans, preparing worksheets, assigning and supervising class projects, grading student work, and meeting with parents to provide progress reports.

Unlike Middle School Teachers and High School Teachers, who typically teach one subject to several classes, Elementary School Teachers typically teach all subjects to one class — including math, science, history, and English — which requires a great deal of planning and time management. And speaking of time management, when you’re not molding kids’ minds, you’re shaping their personalities, which means engaging them in games and activities that teach them how to communicate, socialize, and behave. Often, this also means supervising and disciplining students, and collaborating with parents and professionals in order to address academic, social, or behavioral issues.

Ultimately, it takes a community-wide team to develop happy, healthy children. Arm in arm with parents, you’re the Head Coach.

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