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Elementary School Principal



Tackle top administrative duties at an elementary school.

What does an Elementary School Principal do?

Working in an elementary school is not all about recess rules and reading rugs. Just because the students are smaller doesn’t mean the school is easier to run. On the administration side, there are just as many rules and regulations, budgetary concerns, staff conflicts, and parent complaints as in any other type of school.

Of course, the kids are cute, but as an Elementary School Principal, you mostly work with other adults. You guide Teachers through issues of classroom management, meeting curriculum standards, and engaging students at all skill levels. As an Elementary School Principal, you work with administrative staff to shuffle schedules and make school-wide announcements. You support custodial and technology staff in maintaining the spaces and equipment of the school. You field calls from concerned parents and mingle with families at talent shows and book fairs.

Another aspect of your job as Elementary School Principal is student discipline. Pushing another kid on the playground may not seem as serious as the issues that older students get in trouble for. But since the students are so young and impressionable, what you say may stick with them for the rest of their lives. They already think you’re the scary Principal pretty much a given at that age-so now it’s your chance to use your wisdom and understanding to make a difference in their lives.

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