Elementary School Art Teacher

Help elementary students develop basic art skills.

What does an Elementary School Art Teacher do?

As an Elementary School Art Teacher, simply being a good Teacher is the most important aspect of this position, though art should be something that you’re passionate enough to get excited about and get your kids involved.

There won’t be complex art concepts applied here-no history of the subject, and construction paper and glue might be your primary medium as an Elementary School Art Teacher. But the attitude is all the same: creativity. The kids get a chance to make something, and you get a chance to be the first person to introduce them to that kind of expression.

Art at this level is just supposed to be fun; it’s all glitter glue and wind chimes. Your goal as an Elementary School Art Teacher is to get the kids excited about what they’re doing. No matter what, they’ll feel good about themselves.

Grades here are based more on participation than performance, so you get to be the Teacher your students love, and the work they create in your class will be framed on their parents’ dresser for years to come.