Electronics Tester

Inspect computers and TVs to make sure everything is working.

What does an Electronics Tester do?

Electronics Testers spend their days using the latest electronic devices to make sure they work correctly. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they watch television, play video games, surf the Internet, text their friends, and try to outsmart their car’s GPS by taking a “shortcut” on the way to the grocery store, day in and day out, and get paid for it. Most people have to leave their high-tech toys at home when they go to work. Electronics Testers, however, are not “most people.”

As an Electronics Tester, you’re employed by electronics manufacturers, and you’re often known as an Electronics Test Technician. Even as your title changes, however, your duties remain the same.

Using technical drawings as guides, you first inspect the product — be it a computer, television, smartphone, or stereo — to make sure everything looks the way it’s supposed to look on the outside. Second, you use x-ray equipment to inspect the product on the inside. Third, you measure the product’s voltage to make sure its electrical components are functioning properly. Finally, you conduct various tests to determine the product’s effectiveness, durability, and safety, all the while taking notes so that Product Engineers can fix the flaws you find.

As you can see, being an Electronics Tester requires more than playing with electronics. It also requires a great deal of technical knowledge in the areas of electronics and engineering, as you function in many instances as a “junior” Electronics Engineer, helping to turn imperfect prototypes into perfect products.