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Electronics Production Supervisor

Manage workers dealing with electronic products, systems, and parts.

What does an Electronics Production Supervisor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in fabricating, assembling, testing, inspecting, and repairing electronic products, systems, subassemblies, components, or parts: Analyzes manufacturing requirements, prepares production schedule, and distributes work assignments according to order priorities and worker availability. Reviews work orders, product specifications, and technical instructions to determine facility requirements, and requisitions tools, equipment, and supplies to meet production goals. Demonstrates work methods, such as machine setup, wire routing, assembly, inspection sequence, repair, and test equipment operation. Examines product for defects, utilizing knowledge of manufacturing and quality standards, to ensure conformance to product specifications. Performs other tasks described under SUPERVISOR Master Title. May assist subordinates to adjust and repair machines and equipment. May confer with interdepartmental personnel to discuss production procedures and resolve problems. May be designated according to function supervised as Quality Assurance Supervisor; Supervisor, Electronics Assembly; Supervisor, Electronics Inspection; Supervisor, Electronics Testing; Supervisor, Television-Chassis Repair.