Electronics Processing Supervisor

Manage workers engaged in processing electronic components and parts.

What does an Electronics Processing Supervisor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in processing electronic components and parts, such as printed circuit boards, electron tubes, and semiconductor devices: Examines product for conformance to specifications and quality standards, applying knowledge of manufacturing processes. Demonstrates methods and trains workers in sequence of processing tasks and operation and control of machines and equipment. Maintains records and prepares cost, yield, breakage, and maintenance reports, manually or using computer terminal. Inventories and requisitions tools, equipment, and supplies for department activities. Performs other tasks as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title. May perform tasks of subordinates, such as machine and equipment setup, adjustment, and repair. May be designated according to product or department as Supervisor, Capacitor Processing; Supervisor, Electron Tube Processing; Supervisor, Integrated Circuit Manufacturing; Supervisor, Printed Circuit Board Processing; Supervisor, Process Testing; Supervisor, Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing.