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Electronics Drafter

Create digital blueprints and diagrams used to make electronics.

What does an Electronics Drafter do?

In this age of high-speed machines, heavy equipment, and microchips, electronics are all around us. Scan the room you’re in right now and you’re likely to see computers, televisions, stereo systems, appliances, iPods, DVD players, cell phones, and myriad other electronic devices. Each of those products is built using a detailed circuit board. And each of those circuit boards is built using the design that comes from the Electronics Drafter.

As an Electronics Drafter, you create the instructions and diagrams used by the production department. As an Electronics Drafter, you also work closely with the Engineer who created the design. Together, you hammer out each specification, circuit, and layout before you head off to your computer.

Drafting that used to be done on graph paper is now dominated by computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) programs. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t a master of design concepts. The software is just a tool of convenience so that you can easily make changes and copies of the draft. You’re still in charge of making sure the specifications are accurate and meticulous.

Once the design is complete, it becomes the template for Construction Workers, Repair Technicians, and/or Production Workers to use as a reference. They use your detailed instructions and wiring schematics to build circuit boards, repair dishwashers, install furnaces, and assemble microchips. Thanks to you, each product is efficiently produced and uniform with the rest of the line.