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Electronics Assembler and Tester

Assemble subassemblies into force measuring instruments.

What does an Electronics Assembler and Tester do?

Assembles subassemblies into electronic scale, dynamometer, or other force measuring instruments, following specifications, and tests for, diagnoses, and adjusts operating malfunctions: Assembles computer readout printer, scale, and scanner into one unit, using interconnecting cables and handtools. Assembles electronic components, such as frames, chassis boards, resistors, capacitors, circuit breakers, switches, transformers, and condensers into dynamometer or other force measuring instrument, using handtools, soldering iron, bench lathe, and drill press. Measures voltages, using voltmeter, and adjusts voltages to specified value. Varies line voltage, and interprets wave pattern on oscilloscope screen to determine operational accuracy of instrument under varying line voltage conditions. May adjust, repair, or replace parts and code colored wires. May be designated according to type instrument assembled as Dynamometer Assembler And Tester; Electronic-Scale Assembler And Tester.