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Electronic Publishing Specialist

Manipulate text and pictures within PC programs to be view digitally.

What does an Electronic Publishing Specialist do?

Gone are the days of the printing press-it’s now the era of electronic publishing. Instead of lugging heavy, movable type around, Electronic Publishing Specialists come to work armed only with a keyboard and mouse.

An Electronic Publishing Specialist is a particular type of Graphic Designer who creates documents for print or electronic delivery. If you work as an Electronic Publishing Specialist, you manipulate text and graphics using software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Some projects you build from scratch, while others you convert from a printed document into a webpage.

To speed up your work, you often create a standardized template for common projects that marks off margins, padding, and font size. That way when you need to recreate a pamphlet with the same dimensions, it’s as simple as loading up your premade file.

It takes the skills of an Artist and a Mathematician to put your design into physical form. Your creative work must look good and still fit different computer screen sizes or print on an 81/21 piece of paper.

While inventing new ideas and pouring over a color wheel on a daily basis requires a lot of creative energy, a steady stream of different projects presents unique challenges to tackle. Your clients have an important message and you have the tools to spread the word.