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Electronic Prepress System Operator

Operate prepress systems to electronically assemble images into pages.

What does an Electronic Prepress System Operator do?

Operates prepress system to electronically assemble images into pages and to retouch and make color corrections to page elements to be used in production of lithographic printing plates or gravure cylinders: Enters digitized data, such as artist’s layout, color separations, text, page dimensions, and layout instructions, into electronic prepress system computer memory, using components of system such as scanner, camera, keyboard, or mouse, or loads floppy disks or tapes containing information into system. Studies layout or other instructions to determine work to be done and sequence of operations. Views monitors for visual representation of work in progress and for instructions and feedback throughout process. Activates options, such as masking or text processing; enters data, such as background color, shapes, and coordinates of images; and retrieves data from system memory to assemble elements on pages. Retrieves images from system memory; activates options, such as masking, pixel editing, airbrushing, or image retouching; and enters data, such as coordinates of images and color specifications, into system to retouch and make color corrections. Saves completed work on floppy disks or magnetic tape. May create special effects, such as vignettes, mosaics, and image combining. May be designated according to area of specialization and be known as Electronic Color Correction Operator; Electronic Page Makeup System Operator; Pagination System Operator.