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Electronic Masking System Operator

Operate computerized masking systems to produce stripping masks.

What does an Electronic Masking System Operator do?

Operates computerized masking system to produce stripping masks used in production of offset lithographic printing plates: Positions artist’s layout on digitizing table of electronic masking system to prepare for data entry in system memory. Studies layout sheet to determine shapes of windows drawn on layout sheet. Selects options on menu of electronic masking system, such as shape, dimensions of designs to be drawn, register marks, and retrieval of stored designs. Touches symbol of option selected on menu with mouse and presses button on mouse to activate option. Touches reference points of designs on layout sheet, using mouse, and presses button of mouse to enter coordinates of design in system memory. Views monitors for feedback and error prompts, for visual representations of work in progress, and for numerical information such as width of line and last point plotted. Presses button to transfer data from system memory to disk. Loads drafting unit with masking material to prepare for plotting and scoring of programmed figures or loads film into plotting drum to prepare for photographic mask exposure. Presses button to activate vacuum to hold masking material in place and to activate drafting unit that scores masking material with programmed figures or activates plotting drum to make photographic mask exposure. Removes scored masking material from drafting table, places material on light table and peels scored figures from masking material, using needle and tape, or removes film from plotting drum and puts film in automatic film processor, to create masks to be used by STRIPPER, LITHOGRAPHIC I 972.281-022. May operate electronic plotting system to draw artwork positions on pasteup.