Electronic Intelligence Operations Specialist

Operate electronic monitoring equipment to detect electronic emissions.

What does an Electronic Intelligence Operations Specialist do?

Operates electronic monitoring and related equipment to detect electronic emissions: Conducts continuous search and monitoring of assigned portions of radio frequency spectrum, using special search or monitoring equipment. Observes video presentations or listens to signal to determine primary characteristics of monitored signals. Operates cameras to photograph signals. Operates recorders to record signals. Determines azimuth from which signal originated, using direction finder procedures. Determines accurately and rapidly parameters, directional bearing, and point of origin of electronic data recorded on photographic film and magnetic tape through operation of technical laboratory analysis equipment, such as electronic parameter display consoles, oscilloscope, electronic counters and sorters, X-Y plotters, sonographs, visographs, brush recorders, video and audio playback units, complex viewers, visual projectors, and associated analog and digital equipment.