Electronic Equipment Set-Up Operator

Set up and operate equipment to fabricate printed circuit boards.

What does an Electronic Equipment Set-Up Operator do?

Sets up and operates equipment, such as shearing machine, laminator, and drill, to fabricate single- and multi-layer printed circuit boards, following diagrams and specifications: Determines dimensions and tolerances of boards, sequence of operations, and tools and equipment required, according to diagrams and specifications, and measures and marks dimensions and reference points to lay out boards for machining. Sets up and operates shearing machine and drills to cut, form, and drill holes into boards according to specifications. Bevels edge connectors, using slotter, and verifies dimensions and tolerances, using calipers. Sets up and controls laminating and other plating equipment, to apply copper plating and photoresist to boards. Photographs design image and exposes film to produce and develop acid resisting circuitry pattern, using photographic equipment. Etches and retouches circuitry on boards, using etcher. Bonds two or more PCB’s together to form multilayer boards, using laminating press.