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Electronic Equipment Repairer

Repair electronic equipment according to product specifications.

What does an Electronic Equipment Repairer do?

Repairs electronic equipment, such as radio and television receivers, radio transmitters, speakers, amplifiers, and related antenna and cable assemblies, according to product specifications, manufacturing instructions and diagrams, using test equipment, handtools, and soldering iron: Reads inspection tag and examines unit to locate defects, such as broken wires, burned-out components, or scratches on cabinet, using model schematics and electronic test equipment. Inspects wiring and removes broken wires from units, using soldering iron and pliers. Cuts new wires to specified lengths, using wire cutters, or obtains precut wires and re-routes and solders wires to specified terminals, following wiring diagram. Repairs defective soldering, using soldering iron. Removes, repairs, or replaces defective components, such as resistors, transformers, and capacitors, using soldering iron and handtools. May brush touch-up paint on cabinet or case, and varnish on exposed wiring.