Electronic Drafting Instructor

Teach students how to digitally compose blueprints of electronic equipment.

What does an Electronic Drafting Instructor do?

At the heart of every computer lies the circuitry that keeps it going. Like a Nurse taking x-rays for Doctors, an Electronic Drafter sketches schematics for Engineers and Computer Scientists.

As an Electronic Drafting Instructor, you teach students how to craft these blueprints on a computer. The end results reveal the layout of a microchip or the inner workings of a digital camera. Often, Electronic Drafting Instructors work as Drafters in addition to teaching.

Students already know how to manually sketch components from every angle, breaking three-dimensional objects down into pieces that fit back together like a jigsaw puzzle. An Electronic Drafting Instructor teaches them how to do it electronically. Mouse and keyboard win out over pen and pencil every time. Faster to finish and easier to alter, electronic drafts take mere hours to complete instead of days.

Once your students master creating basic shapes and symbols with software such as AutoCAD, you move on to more advanced concepts. The software can represent different materials and render two-dimensional plans as three-dimensional objects with a single click.

Most of your time is spent in hands-on labs where you observe student projects and help frustrated students get unstuck. Tests and lectures play a role in your classes, but hands-on assignments carry the most weight. You teach at universities or community colleges, and give students a valuable skill set for a variety of jobs.