Electronic Die Maker

Lay out, machine, fit, and assemble metal parts to make electronic dies.

What does an Electronic Die Maker do?

Lays out, machines, fits, and assembles metal parts to fabricate electronic dies used to form plastic products, working from blueprints or drawings and using milling machine, tools, and precision instruments: Studies blueprints, drawings, and specifications to plan machine operations applying knowledge of metal properties and machine shop math. Selects and positions brass or steel stock on milling table, by hand or using hoist. Sets up and operates milling machine to machine channels of specified width and depth in stock to form electrodes. Measures, marks, and cuts electrodes to specified sizes, using rule, scribe, and cutoff knife. Sets aside electrodes for further processing by other workers. Positions completed electrodes on die board template to locate reference points for lugs and die parts, and marks reference points, using hammer and punch. Drills and taps holes in aluminum plate that serves as base for die, using power drill with tapping attachment, and mounts dies to base with screws, using screwdriver. Operates milling machine to reduce electrode altitude from die bottom to top of electrodes, working to tolerances of plus or minus .001 inch. Measures dies to verify conformance to specifications, using vernier gauge, micrometer, and ruler.